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“[Playing in the Fugs] is great, very familial,” says Petito, who runs Catskill’s NRS Studios, where the reunited group has mostly recorded. Since most of us are busy with other projects, we take long breaks.” After one such break—18 years—the band released 2003’s (Rykodisc) not long before Kupferberg’s health began its downturn.

(A January 2010 benefit to offset his medical bills featured Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Laurie Anderson, Phillip Glass, John Zorn, and others.) Yet while the appearance of two retrospective box sets, 2003’s (Ace Records), kept the buzz going, the dauntless new Fugs were determined to make another record despite Kupferberg’s handicaps.


Donations will be accepted via our Pay Pal at or in the NCSC’s offices […] Join us for a workshop and community discussion on creative ways to do more with what you have!After two solo albums Sanders returned to writing full-time and penned , a bestseller about the Manson murders, and continues to author acclaimed books of poetry and prose (currently he’s working on a memoir of his days with the band). In the Orwellian year of 1984, Sanders and Kupferberg decided to regroup to defile the status quo once again.



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