Who josh hartnett dating

At the age of 38, he still looks handsome and charming, his relationship with Rihanna created huge media buzz.

He is currently dating Tamsin Egerton and both are having wonderful life together.

"I think it’s a respectable way of going about it,” the actor told back in April.


He has always been open to media and is considered one of the media darling in the 21st century.

His movie The Black Dahlia was based on the role of a boxer which resulted him to eat meat.

He has given many shirtless take on his movie career and mostly in The Black Dahlia.

He was first known for his role as Micheal Fitzgerald in the TV series "Cracker" and was appreciated by the producer and other cast members.

As a result of great acting and presentation he got chance to debut in movie Halloween H Years Later in year 1998.And he thinks she's gorgeous, of course." PHOTOS: Hollywood's biggest flirts Hartnett has quite a reputation for dating costars.



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