Who is tinsley mortimer dating

It stated that the charge would be dropped if she refrains from contacting him or going onto his property and doesn't have any more brushes with the law through December 30.

Mortimer says she signed the agreement just so she could put the entire episode behind her. I met this guy, and I thought I could," says Mortimer.

She's hot and he got to kiss her and canoodle a bit — it wasn't a hardship." Besides, it wouldn't be reality TV if it wasn't at least a little fake and a little embarrassing!

Ten years ago, Tinsley Mortimer was the most photographed socialite in New York City — complete with her own reality TV show, signature lipstick shade and handbag line.


This past July, she signed an agreement for deferred prosecution relating to the trespassing charge.

But she now says her pursuit of that dream was a contributing factor in the demise of her marriage. "I regret that I maybe didn't see my relationship for what it was—I didn't see my life for what it was," she says. We were still stuck in the mind-set of being 18-, 19-year-olds.



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