What is the three day rule of dating

The rule stipulates that after flirting with a girl and getting her number, you should wait three days before initiating contact. When I was younger I thought that if I held out and built suspense she’d think I was a catch.This way you don’t look needy, too attached, and can play it cool. She’d see that I was busy with my social life and didn’t mind keeping her waiting.Match shared the results of this year's "Singles In America" poll exclusively with TODAY.com, and the data reveals a dating landscape with a lot more communication (and fewer rules) than ever before.

The parade of weirdos and just plain ugly people is enough to get you to swear off dating forever.

While Facebook is great for learning about a person’s interests before a first date, it’s not the best way to connect post-real life meeting.

“We don’t use social media to date — no one says ‘I am going to like his picture on Instagram so he’ll like me,’” she said.

In the end, though, relocating is a lot like dating — you should follow your heart. has even more details about how we’re dating these days on their website.


You’ve seen it on TV, heard it from your friends, and maybe even read it in a magazine…the so-called “Three Day Rule”.

I could tell that she was a bit surprised when she picked up.



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