Usher and drake dating


Five years ago, reggae would have been deemed too niche for pop. "We argue about this all the time, but I keep telling him we still haven't blown up," says Jefferies.

Today it's everywhere – Beyoncé's Hold Up, Justin Bieber's Sorry, Rihanna's made-in-Toronto single Work – and everyone is asking Jefferies for that sound. In the 90s, the commercial success of R&B helped propel hip-hop to cultural ubiquity; now the situation has reversed.

Then the crowd hit the dance floor where Usher was able to capture POTUS grooving to Hotline Bling.



» EXCLUSIVE: Woody Mc Clain Says He Was Hurt After Getting Blasted For Racial Joke, But He Learned A Valuable Lesson » EXCLUSIVE: Bow Wow Isn’t Betting On Soulja Boy vs. Amber Rose and Drake are currently sparking dating rumors after spending the New Years holiday together in Miami.


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    Live girls performing a steaming-hot nude show — what can be more exciting than that?

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    That is what is really exciting about this kind of interaction.

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