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Their God had also created them as a nation, so they could look forward to the future with confidence."This passage is significant also in the lives of Christians.

Chapter 2 verses 4 and 5 set the stage for what follows by explaining what agricultural land was like before man started farming. This rules out the view that man descended from the gods, which was popular in the ancient Near East and was foundational in Egyptian cosmology. nesama) was God's breath that gave Adam life, spiritual understanding (Job 32:8), and a functioning conscience (Prov. It may also have imparted moral, intellectual, relational, and spiritual capacities. The Edenic Covenant was also different, in that God promised death for failure to obey His command: to abstain from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God not only evaluated Adam's condition, He also rectified it. The man is created first, with the woman to help the man, not vice versa (see also 1 Tim. She was comparable to him, in contrast to the rest of the animal creation.But the similarities between these sections argue for a common writer. ; ; ), as well as dedication in God's presence (cf. When man sinned he passed into a new state, one dominated by, and at the same time symbolized by death. "Before Adam and Eve fell into sin, God made a proposition to them that some have regarded as a covenant, as stated in Genesis -31 and -17.



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