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Develop your understanding of the historical, socio-political and ethical context of the U. legal system as you follow the misadventures of a fictional family that gets caught up in various legal problems.Current events inform every assignment; you might analyze, for example, the case against Mc Donalds brought on behalf of obese children, and then research legislation known as the "Cheeseburger Bill," prohibiting such lawsuits. Society (GU) requirement for students under Gen Ed and the American Culture (AC) requirement for students under Core.This course will address specific topics including employment discrimination, same sex marriage, family formation, LGBT youth (identity formation, bullying), military service, immigration and cross-national comparisons.Students who have already successfully completed LGLS 0805 cannot earn credit for this course.They will learn the basic elements of constitutional, contract, criminal, tort, and administrative law.The political, social, and economic forces that affect change are also discussed thereby providing guidance as to the future direction of the law.

This survey course introduces students to the essential aspects of law: its sources, organization, and evolution.

An exciting, multimedia environment makes learning vivid. Students who have already successfully completed LGLS 0956 or LGLS 1001 (C001) cannot earn credit for this course. Can race be used as a factor in hiring, in college admissions?


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