Stop dating wrong

Take Chances When it comes to love, it is advisable to not only go into it with your heart; but to go into it with your head.That way, instead of automatically selecting the same type of person for the same negative traits, you can try selecting a partner who is entirely different.As you discuss how they play out in your relationship, you will each have ideas of behaviors you can challenge and recognize that your relationship is not doomed.

Not only is he/she the same kind of person you always end up with, it is most likely that you are the same kind of person he/she ends up with, too.

For instance, if you grew up feeling invisible or ignored, you may avoid someone who shows a real interest in you.

Instead, you may feel more attracted to someone who is distant or withholding of affection.

How are we supposed to know when our attractions should be warning signs?

What qualities should we steer away from when we don’t even know a person yet?How does that first adorable hint of jealousy snowball into full-blown insecurity and dependence?


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