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Then they can redeem points to reveal the profiles of users who've "checked" them out or to access users in other geographic areas.When using the dating app SKOUT, teens who set up an account can then view other teens, specifying an interest in male, female, or both.They earn points for using the app and responding to ads.Then they can redeem points to reveal the profiles of users who've "checked" them out or to access users in other geographic areas.


Mostly services exist to make people inflate their ego even more.

As a result, a teen's exact location isn't revealed, only a general region, and posts are now more closely monitored.

Also, teens can't send pictures in private messages.

It’s funny in a way because you can see other guys hitting on girls and their reactions. In fact, a lot of things about this app feel that way- from the amount of views on a profile, to profile likes, it really feels like a popularity contest in a strange sort of way.


Because of these features, there is a community behind the app that interacts in status updates called “buzzes” and I saw a few users calling out other Skout users for complaining about being bored with the app.

That's good in a way, as you can be more picky and find a lot of girls at once, but the whole thing doesn’t feel as clean or easy - but that doesn’t mean its as effective.


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