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“At first the tics were quite mild but as time went on they got much worse,” explained Rory’s mum Lisa.

“About a year ago when he was in primary seven, they reached what I would call crisis point, and that’s when we contacted John Davidson.

But the recipes became almost secondary to the eccentric pair's anecdotes, which frequently drew on tales from their well-connected families.

Sometimes the banter would take place in locations such as Westminster Cathedral, where Paterson's uncle was a senior aide to the Archbishop of Westminster.

“Rory’s dad Gordon had once interviewed John for a local newspaper article so we knew of his reputation as an expert.

We just wanted some help and advice on how Rory could cope.

Her father, Arthur, was a surgeon to the Royal Family and her mother, Molly, an Australian heiress. During her childhood, her alcoholic father was violent towards her mother and herself.


A former barrister who gave up practising as a result of her alcoholism, Clarissa Dickson Wright became, with Jennifer Paterson, half of the Two Fat Ladies, a pair of cooks teamed up for a television series in which they travelled Britain – Paterson on a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle, with Dickson Wright in the double-width sidecar.In another slap in the face to political correctness, Paterson was often seen ending episodes by smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol.


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