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(F[ield] R[esearch].) S[outhern and] N[orthern] U[se]. (H[yman] E[.] G[oldin, Frank O'Leary & Morris Lipsius], , 1807), "a stupid person" (1851), "an unidentified unwholesome or poisonous liquid" (1872), "grease" (1876), "medicine or medication of any kind" (1877), "any absorbent or adsorbent solid material used in the manufacture of high explosives" (1880), "butter" (1889), "an alcoholic drink" (1889), "specifically, opium or an opium derivative" (1891), "the Baltimore & Ohio railroad" (1893), "a usu.illegal stupefying or stimulating drug" (1898), "a drug addict" (1899), "coffee" (1899), "stuff (in the broadest sense)" (1899), "information about a racehorse's record, condition, etc." (1899), "full, esp.Incongruity is a theory of humor but I couldn't find much back-up. "." - Drugs are (rightly) generally considered something negative, but they can make you feel, experience sensations you never had before.Don't you think that drug ecstatic effects may be a reasonable reference for "excellent, extraordinary or cool" given the context this connotation was born? That's what I thought also but trying to find some more evidence regarding the connection between different meanings.It would be quite a stretch to claim that origin for the adjective Yo, man, them boys is dope Word Scratchmaster T (Oh man), Supertrooper (Word) — the posse is definitely in effect Word (word), that's a good record, man Yo, yo, yo, hold up, m — , yo, can I get a dollar, man? First the record Psyche, I'll tell you what — dollar bill, y'all This is by Jimmy Spicer This record is dope, this is about cash money Dollar bill, y'all, check it out Dollar bill, y'all Dollar bill, y'all Dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill, y'all ...And yet it seems that everything up to the first repetition of "Dollar bill, y'all/ Dollar bill y'all" is conversational studio patter—part of the initial presentation of the rap, but not part of the extremely popular recorded version, which was released in 1983 and can be heard on You Tube in two versions—one of 7 minutes, 14 seconds and one of 4 minutes, 31 seconds.It implies that the entity in which it is being applied to is "excellent", similar to Hot, Fresh, Slick, Cold, Ill etc.Examples: The word is an expression in this context(it can also define a persons style), however it can also refer to drugs. And the Third sense of the word did imply idiocy, i.e Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In 1915, the word dope was also used as a superlative for something excellent and enjoyable in a sense that was lacking drug connotations.

Considering the intense activity of prohibitionists and anti-drug activity during that era it makes no sense for the word to have arisen from a strictly drug origin.inside, information of any kind" (1902), "a thick sweet syrup" 1904), "flattery; cajolery; foolishness; nonsense" (1906), "any carbonated soft drink" (1914), "a cigarette" (1918), "a drugged state" (1919), "a slow pitch [in baseball]" (1929), "specifically, marijuana or hashish" (1946), "an ice-cream sundae" (1949), and "sight adjustment [in shooting]" (1987).


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