Rory gilmore girls sex storys


I don’t care if he is Michael York, he is ten thousand years old and he dies from being so old. Interestingly, I could very much see Emily taking a late-in-life lesbian turn, if anything were to happen to Richard [God forbid, but still]. When Paris wants something, she wants it so badly her entire body vibrates.

She never gives up on Paris; never dismisses her as “crazy” or difficult or unlikeable or unattractive; never walks away. It’s hot and intense and bewildering and full of wanting things and fraught and tense and the two of them belong to each other in a way that hurts my chest.

She was an intellectual and while she did some physical work, it was rare.

Rory was 18 now and heading off to college at Yale.


I couldn’t believe a woman of her calibre was available.It didn't help that she never spent any of her time learning proper nutrition either.


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