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Since 1923 when it was established in Switzerland, Lucien Piccard has continued to prove its superiority and that it is worthy of being tagged as a luxury watch.They have extensive collections which you can choose from and you will not definitely end up empty-handed since there is surely a specific design which will match your taste and standards.Both of these practices make it possible for the poor to feed their families by gathering what is left behind in a farmer's field.As luck would have it, the field Ruth is working in belongs to a man named Boaz, who is a relative of Naomi's deceased husband.Naomi then advises her daughter-in-law to dress herself up and sleep at Boaz's feet while he and his workers are camping out in the fields for the harvest.Naomi hopes that by doing this Boaz will marry Ruth and they will have a home in Israel.Lucien Piccard watches are certain to last for years when given the utmost care.No matter what style you choose Lucien Piccard watches never fall short when displaying hints of sophistication with its fine detailing.

Ruth's statement not only proclaims her loyalty to Naomi but her desire to join Naomi's people - the Jewish people. They are so poor that Ruth must gather food that has fallen on the ground while harvesters are gathering the crops.

"In the thousands of years since Ruth spoke these words," writes Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, "no one has better defined the combination of peoplehood and religion that characterizes Judaism: ' Your people shall be my people' (' I wish to join the Jewish nation'), ' Your God shall be my God' (' I wish to accept the Jewish religion'). In doing so, Ruth is taking advantage of a Jewish law derived from Leviticus 19:9-10.


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