Program for updating drivers

Hardware detection in particular is an important part of the out of the box experience.

Driver software which makes this happen, allows your hardware to function by communicating with the operating system.

For performance-oriented components such as video cards where driver updates may mean the difference between stable frame rates for different gaming applications, updating the newest drivers are a concern.

The product page of manufacture websites generally provide an easy way to navigate to proper drivers for the few components that require latest drivers.

That said, Driver Reviver reviews favorably if you choose to that route. Professional in that it doesn't contain spyware and malware.

EDIT: Personal opinion, I still recommend going to manufacture website for drivers Windows Update isn't able to find, which are few and that matter.

I've been using Drivepack Solutions for years now and I'm wondering if there is a better option for commercial use.

With Smart Driver Updater, installing and updating drivers is not a long, tedious task anymore!


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