No video after updating pc


Ola, I've been searching all over the internet for this one, so far without any luck. I updated all my stuff before doing this, then restarted, then hit the button.

After the reboot, the screen went dark after the BIOS logo.

I've been looking for a 'safe mode', but don't even know if it's logged in or not (I guess not, but I have no clue what the state of W10 is after an upgrade).

As they say, I'm completely in the dark and at this point willing to try anything. I've bought a cheap AMD card which seems to do the trick.


The installation doesn't even show you anything, so why would safe mode be any different...At that time, 2 monitors were connected to my NVidia 750 Ti; the one through HDMI apparently got preference to the HDMI monitor - I could see that they got a signal, it's just pitch black.Somewhere around 30% completion, the screen got back the round circle that was filling up.For my Windows 8 PC's I have faced black screen issue after installing Windows updates in October 2013 and for Windows 8.1 issue starts immediately after upgrading Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1.

If your PC experiences a black screen after upgrading to Windows 10.

Let start, Shut down your machine and start Power On. I entered in safe-mode by repeatedly pressing F8 key. While entering into safe on screen you will get "Please Wait" message. - If your issue persist download & install Latest Display Card drivers & motherboard chipset drivers.


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