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The following JDOM issues have been resolved: Now that we actually have JUnit tests running on android, we can analyze the results. JDOM typically recommends using the Xerces parsers, and the JDOM tests are all written to pass when using Xerces.Android does not use the Xerces parser, and some differences are a result of that. The St AX tests cause the Android test project fail to compile (the tests throw XMLStream Exception which is not available). The Android parser ignores the feature to turn off entity expansion (expand-general-entities).JDOM uses a different type of resource accessed through type methods are completely unreliable on Android.After a lot of back-and-forth, including using custom on-load procedures to move Android 'assets' to the 'cache' filesystem, it was discovered that the All these requirements have been met in a way that makes it almost easy....



Apart from St AX, : JDOM relies on a third-party parser to load XML documents and to validate the input, and the default Android parser is different to the standard Java parser, and it is also different to Xerces.The most rigorous mechanism is to actually run the full JDOM test harness on an (emulated) Android device.


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