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Beyond the Washington Square Arch is a 9.75-acre area of fun and beauty – with live, wacky displays of performance art, child play areas, picnic benches, and a spectacular large fountain.This little oasis is the perfect spot for an alfresco lunch or a gentle stroll away from the bedlam of Manhattan, and if you're around in the summer, check out the free music festival that's been running every summer since 1953!Want to see Broadway shows without paying Broadway bucks? There's an office in Times Square as well as in Brooklyn, but the one South Street Seaport in particular is great if you also want to avoid lines.


So when you want to get your New York glam on and go party with the locals, this is the part of town where you should go wild.Old City Hall Subway Station /Flickr Normally, visiting a subway station in New York City is not so much a fun activity as it is a dull necessity, but that certainly isn't the case when you venture down the Old City Hall Subway Station.Built in 1904 and closed in 1945, you can now take unforgettable guided tours of yet another demonstration of architectural magnificence.Explore the beautiful arched ceilings, walkways and curved platforms – all basking in the glow of the chandeliers and skylights.

This glimpse of New York City history has captured all the elegance of its early 20/Flickr New York has some 1,900 public parks - but Washington Square Park is one of the best.

Then a ride on the Staten Island Ferry is an absolute must.



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