Kitty katswell dating dudley puppy fanfiction

Merry Christmas, Dudley." Kitty said, as she gives him a perfectly wrapped gift with Dudley's name on it."Thank you, Kitty! " he shouted."Well, we better go see what the Chief wants." Kitty said."Yeah. Then the Chief's voice was heard."ALL AGENTS REPORT TO MY OFFICE THIS INSTANT! "As you all might or might not know, that Christmas is coming.""Yeah? Kitty wants something very special from him, while throwing affectionate signs at him. Kids were playing in the streets, because of it."Yay!


" Brad shouted loudly and he started to drool as the audience laughs."I love to help! Also there are some chips and some Toilet Cola for you.""ALRIGHT! " Devon said."He went to masturbate to those sexy photos of regular me." Mini Karey said as the audience laughs. Then I'm gonna land into that pile of the Chief's pillows! "Let's go, Kitty."Then they go to the mall & shop for gifts. You need to buy gifts for everyone.""Okay." Dudley said in a bored tone.Butch Hartman, during December of 2011, confirmed that there would be a half-hour episode that might show their relationship become more apparent.


Dudley's been assigned as Secret Santa for everyone at TUFF this year.

Starring the wonderful & sexy Kitty Katswell-Puppy.


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