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He was born in Toxteth and embarked on a criminal career from an early age. Then, after leaving school with no qualifications, he was sent to Borstal at 18 for attacking a police officer and being involved in a riot.On his release, the 5ft 9in, barrel-chested fitness fanatic worked as a bouncer.Investigators believe at one point his network made £12m in three months He once boasted: ‘If I spent 50 grand a day, I wouldn’t go broke.’ His drugs network, said to have links to narcotic cartels around the world, was at one time so lucrative that his henchmen apparently travelled regularly from Liverpool to London with holdalls containing thousands in cash in order to launder the money.

He just wanted to reveal that he was on his uppers - penniless, a pauper.

In 1992, he was among 28 people arrested on suspicion of masterminding a 1,000-kilo shipment of cocaine to the UK.

However, he was acquitted halfway through the trial when the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence against him.

If he coughs up his ill-gotten gains, he can end his time as a Category A prisoner and walk free from his Jersey jail in January.

The pair were then pictured making calls from a public phone box, a hallmark of barrel-chested Warren's technique.

He took steroids to bulk up, in an attempt to appear even more intimidating.


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