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As is always the case with this huge, sprawling festival, this year's best shows could well be the unhyped gems nobody knows about yet. Amstell has a face off Choirboy of the Year, a brain off University Challenge and a tongue of sharpened steel.We'll be spending August seeking those out on your behalf, and telling you about them in our daily Festival magazine. I loved his last Edinburgh show – it was smart, personal, funny and beautifully crafted. A bit of advice for the hard of thinking: this is not Never Mind The Buzzcocks.All their widows and family left and moved to Port Issac, so the cove of Port Quin was completely abandoned. (Pic above and below from Wikipedia) Doyden Castle The final scene of the 5th season was filmed at this wonderfully romantic mini-castle called Doyden Castle, located in Port Quin, Cornwall.It has a Facebook page: Doyden Castle on Facebook (Photo below from Doyden Castle on Facebook) In the show, Doc Martin, the castle is called Pentire Castle.Doyden castle was built in 1830 by Samuel Symons who it’s reported loved to party and gamble big time. I captured a few scenes from that last episode of season five to share with you and guess what!He built the castle as a retreat for himself and his businessmen friends. You can actually rent the castle and stay there overnight! If I did the currency conversion right (which is highly questionable) I think it rents for around 0 American dollars per night. Now getting there would be quite the feat from Georgia.I first caught this condition when I discovered the show on our local PBS station. Here’s the definition of the clinical description as found at Doc Martin Online. I had to postpone watching until I had several hours one evening because I knew once I began watching, I wouldn’t be able to stop. Brief Synopsis (very brief) If you haven’t seen Doc Martin, the main character is Dr. Doc Martin is brilliant in the ways of medicine but he is sadly lacking in social skills.About a week ago an email arrived in my Inbox from Netflix, alerting me new episodes were now online and available for viewing. I actually did split my Doc Martin marathon into two viewings. He says exactly what he thinks and it always makes for some very interesting moments throughout the show.

(Pic below from Wikipedia) Port Issac made it into the post I wrote back in January titled: Dream Towns, Fantasy and Real Part of the last episode of Season 5 takes place in a tiny hamlet called Port Quin.But here, the great Linda Marlowe, famed for her work with Steven Berkoff, takes on Duffy's mighty 1999 collection of poems, that evokes the voices of all the hidden wives and partners of western myth and history.



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    German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovers the planet Neptune at the Berlin Observatory.

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