Internet dating and mail order brides

If the prospect of marrying a stranger and moving to a foreign country where they do not speak the language is daunting, it at least holds more promise than becoming a prostitute on the streets of Manila or Moscow.

The international marriage broker industry promotes stereotypes to both the men and women with whom they work.



Another important difference is that Russian women (and Russians in general) have very low self-esteem.

In both India and China, the mail order brides are predominantly from poor areas within the country, although Indian men also find brides in Bangladesh and Nepal, and some Chinese mail order brides hail from North Korea and Burma.

In the United States, there are hundreds of agencies which advertise mail order brides.

In the Internet age, the old-fashioned mail order bride industry has grown exponentially, with an estimated 100,000 – 150,000 women advertised for marriage each year.

This is a look at the booming mail order bride phenomenon which explores the appeal of buying a wife, why women agree to become mail order brides, and abuses of the system from all sides.

Access to prenatal ultrasound in India has resulted in the selective abortion of many female fetuses, despite laws which forbid ultrasound for the purpose of determining gender.


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