Hard to get dating Massachusetts adult chat lines


Women in said relationships have been socially conditioned to sit back and relax on the receiving end, all while consciously reeling a man in forward one step before pushing him three steps back.

In other words, we’re taught to say “no” when we really mean “yes,” but that saying “yes” too soon means “desperate.” By teaching our girls to reject until deserving of approval, we’re consciously teaching the boys who date them that a girl’s “no” will eventually turn into a “yes” if persistent enough.

On the other hand, someone who is just interested in casual sex has too much to risk by persisting against initial reluctance.

Someone who is interested in a long-term relationship will put in more effort.

So here are some reasons as to why playing hard to get can not only yield a tarnished relationship, but also contribute to the language of rape culture.

The core strategy behind playing hard to get dictates refusing a man’s initial advances with the agenda of expecting him to disregard the rejection and persist in his pursuit.

And it’s important that while we can begin by having women stand firm in their rejection, men should also learn to accept it and that a “no” isn’t a reflection of them.

founder Jessica Semaan, she gave us her take on modern dating in the age of Tinder: "Many men still want to court women.

I think that's not happening as much, but it's still engrained.

On the other hand, playing hard to get backfired with the men who had been sent off to the speed date with no say in their date.


Those men reported liking the actress less, as well as being less motivated to pursue her, when she played hard to get.” “He won my heart.” “My buddy has had a lot of sexual conquests.” Some people are so hungry for a challenge that they’ll pursue a person for the thrill of the chase, and once you feel your guard slipping a little bit, they show resistance to moving forward.



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