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Temporary tattoos and nail art stations will also be available, along with plenty of shopping opportunities, with new Hello Kitty merchandise that includes everything from limited editions Beats by Dre headphones to Jeffrey Campbell custom platform shoes."She's world-renowned and beloved everywhere," Marchi said of the character that first appeared on a coin purse from Japan's Sanrio Co. "From that humble coin purse, she has helped spawn an billion enterprise."HELLO! 11- April 26 at the Japanese American National Museum, 100 N. Seasonal Sanrio banners hang outside the door, a giant acrylic Hello Kitty face greets students inside, and a pile of plush toys sit atop the bookcase. 13, 2014 photo, Marty Garrett walks under a Sanrio Hello Kitty displayed over the door to his classroom at Lawton Alternative School in San Francisco.Some of Garrett's and his wife, Salumeh Eslamieh's Hello Kitty collection is kept in his fourth-grade classroom at the school.


The couple keeps a mini Hello Kitty kitchen inside their real kitchen, and they hand-painted a skylight above their dinner table with Sanrio characters."I always wanted more Sanrio," said Eslamieh, who has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her shoulder and a Sanrio symbol on her wrist.He boasts a complete collection of everything Monkichi has appeared on, housed in a floor-to-ceiling closet in the couple's guest room.Garrett has integrated his love of Sanrio stuff into his work.The couple met and bonded over the little white cat, and will be traveling to Los Angeles this week celebrate the character¿s 40th birthday at Hello Kitty Con, opening Oct.


30, a four-day festival dedicated to all things Kitty. More than 25,000 fans are expected; An exhibition at the neighboring Japanese American National Museum, "Hello!The college professor confessed that her mother once called a radio psychiatrist for advice about her daughter's lifelong obsession with Kitty/kiddie characters."You have to like cute things, and that's just not some people's personality," said Eslamieh, who keeps her love of Kitty separate from her professional life.



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