Dreamweaver template not updating all pages

This is easy if you’re only working on one site with one template, but as your site gets larger and more complex, you need to make sure you’re using the correct template when you create new pages.

After you’ve selected all of the Preferences you want, click Create to generate a new page from the template.8 EDIT A PAGE CREATED FROM A TEMPLATE After you’ve created a page from a template, you can edit it as you would any other page, inserting images, text, and multimedia into the editable regions.

Each editable region in a template must have a unique name.


Use the preview to make sure you select the correct template.

We’ll show you how to design HTML templates, but you can also save other kinds of templates (including PHP, JSP, or ASP. Give each template a special name to identify it later and to help organize a site that uses many templates.



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