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FME also performs bi-annual franchise fee reports, monthly NM One Call distribution line buffering, and many more data automation tasks.Using FME has resulted in improved, more accurate, and value-added data, allowing for better decision making and addressing new issues.It saves members of the GIS department time and the company money.Moreover, FME has become the GIS software of choice for automation and analysis at PNM for its power, speed, and reliability.They deployed FME Cloud, meeting the satellite data where it was housed, on AWS under Amazon’s Open Data Program.

The apps have enabled users to understand first hand how EO monitoring can be fed into strategic planning cycles.

With the help of Sterling Geo they used FME technology to connect applications through automated data transformation workflows and achieve enterprise data integration.

Sterling Geo needed to demonstrate the value of earth observation (EO) data by delivering between 1 and 100 applications in one year, to 1-100 public sector and government organizations, under a grant from the UK Space Agency.

Georgetown Utility Systems needed to migrate asset management data to their new system and ensure ongoing data integrity.


The team used FME to populate the system of record in their Esri database for their electric distribution assets.They plan to expand the work to other diseases, and have interest from others in the field.


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