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In 2011, Muchinguri lambasted top ZANU PF officials who were using their positions to amass wealth calling them "crooks".

She even threatened to expose those involved in the grabbing of farms and looting of diamonds.

During the period toward the ZANU PF People’s congress, Oppah Muchinguri and Grace Mugabe went on a crusade denouncing what they called divisive elements in the ZANU PF party.

Muchinguri together with the first lady openly accused the then vice president Joice Mujuru of fanning factionalism in the party and also plotting to unseat Robert Mugabe.

Muchinguri has been generally viewed as a Mugabe loyalist and has also been closely linked to Emmerson Mnangagwa and Jonathan Moyo.

In 2014, Muchinguri was one of the people appointed by president Robert Mugabe in the cabinet reshuffle.

She received her military training in Mozambique and was also passenger in a car crash that killed Tongorara on the eve of independence in December 1979.

At independence, she was appointed Private Secretary to the President between 19.


Faites connaissance avec des nouvelles personnes et communiquez avec eux en ligne! Muchinguri made headlines in 2014 when she voluntarily stepped down from her position as the secretary of the women's League in the ZANU PF party.The stepping down was received differently by the Zimbabwean public, some viewed it as a calculated move to bring the first lady into the mainstream Zimbabwean political arena.She had been Deputy Minister twice, first of State for External Affairs between 19 and of Environment and Tourism between 19.


Her first ministerial post came in 1997 when she was appointed Minister of State in the President’s Office, a post she held until 2000.She was born Oppah Chamu Zvipange Muchinguri on the 14th of December 1958.


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