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And where unfavorable conditions have existed they have looked for possibilities, and by developing these possibilities they have rendered favorable what had been unfavorable.Some one individual or group of individuals in years past had a vision of what the wilderness along the Rio Grande might become some day in the hands of enlightened and progressive people.All kinds of fruits can be grown, but the oranges and grape fruit in particular have made the Valley famous.Last year, at the National Fair, the citrus fruits from the Valley were given first, second, and third places, ranking above those from Florida and California.The building is well equipped with class rooms, domestic art and domestic science laboratories, laboratories for physics and chemistry, and for manual training and mechanical drawing. Bus Lines: Northland Greyhound Lines: Fargo via US 10 to Glendive, Mont., Fargo via US 81 to Winnipeg.

[Taken from the 1921 Bears Memories yearbook] Although there were a few white families living in the Lower Rio Grande Valley forty or fifty years ago, nevertheless it has been only fourteen or fifteen years since the real settlement of the Valley began, Since that time the country has developed from a sparsely settled wilderness into a very populous district, thickly dotted with thriving towns.

Today this section of the country not only compares favorably with other sections which have been settled much longer, but even excels them in many respects. The unusual fertility of the soil is a large factor and the splendid irrigation system in operation insures a plentiful supply of moisture at any and all times.


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