Dating directy

) Plus, I’m booked up for months, so even if you could afford that, it’d still be tough to get a spot!

Instead, you’ve got me on your shoulder as you hit the streets to do your missions for the week, and a group of friends and fellow warriors eagerly waiting to hear your results. The only other way you’d get camaraderie like this would be on a live bootcamp with me, and that would cost you ,900 for the weekend.

It’s practically impossible for you to follow these rules and NOT get laid.

Month 6: 50% off DDS Ticket Stick with us through month 6, and you get HALF PRICE off a Direct Dating Summit ticket (0 retail). Month 24: DDA Alumni Graduation – you get lifetime access to all the DDA materials for LIFE, plus any new content we upload, and 2-for-1 ticket to ALL future DDS events, and you Seriously: Even if you just wanted to come as a private student and learn all this stuff from me, it would still be around ,000 for one day of private 1:1 coaching, or ,900 for a 2-on-1 weekend bootcamp.

They still loved many of the same intellectual pursuits and hobbies, and hadn’t been out to a seedy, loud nightclub in decades.

But there was a difference: One of the men turned up alone and without a date (as usual!

) Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of huge difference in men’s lives?

It isn’t that they were just born with confidence, intelligence or good looks.

The difference lies in what each man knows, and how he makes use of that knowledge.Month 4: The Unbreakable Rules Package ( value) The Unbreakable Rules Package is made up of the Unbreakable Rules PDF and the Unbreakable Rules Video Series.This product is the sum of the rules I’ve discovered that deliver consistent results to ANY guy who follows them.Instead of being stuck on sticking points for months and having to figure your way out of your rut by trial-and-error, you can get expert advice from the DDS speakers with monthly webinars to zipline your results to poontang paradise...


I’ve formulated the Direct Dating Academy to produce the ONE thing those hypey ("m PUA") dating marketers can’t produce: REAL RESULTS.

Hey brother, Twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same university. Both were considered intelligent, polite and ‘nice guys.’ Both preferred discussions about ‘nerdy’ intellectual issues and philosophizing with their circle of close friends.


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