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The latest “Green Tech” products ranging from wind power, fuel cell, LED lighting, electrical vehicles, recycling, anti-pollution, green building materials, to water treatment and deep ocean water applications TIGAXInternational Graphic Arts and Printing Exhibition in Taipei.

TIGAX wil showcase big format inkjet & laser printers, electronic ink, and also printed circuit boards, photo-electronic items, communication chips, Computer Design CAD, CAM, PHOTONICS FESTIVAL IN TAIWANGrand Multi-Exhibition dedicated to Photonics in Taiwan.

Financial-Supervisory-Securities-II-0960029836 of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan11.

Articles 3, 4 and 6 amended and promulgated per 13 February 2006 Public Announcement No.

Taiwan-Stock-Trading-0950002894 of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation; for implementation from the date of public announcement Per 7 February 2006 Letter No.

Financial-Supervisory-Securities-II-0950102642 of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan10.



Taiwan-Stock-Trading-1010204656 of the Taiwan Stock Corporation; for implementation from the date of public announcement, with the exception of the amendments harmonizing with the IFRSs, which shall be enforced from fiscal 2013 Approved for adoption per 3 July 2012 Letter No.PHOTONICS FESTIVAL in Taiwan is composed of 6 exhibitions: Optoelectronics, Flat Panel Displays, LED Lighting, Precision Optics & Image Sensing, Photovoltaics & Plant Factory TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION EXHIBITIONTaipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition.Automation Taipei showcases Manufacturing Equipment of Machine Tools, Industrial Robot Arms, Hardware & Factory Equipment, Automation Controlling System, Software for CAD/CAM/CAE, Testing & Measuring TPCA SHOWPCB industry Expo.Taiwan-Stock-Trading-1000008368 of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Approved for recordation per 18 March 2011 Letter No.


Financial-Supervisory-Securities-Firms-1000009416 of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan12.Taiwan-Finance-Securities-II-154130 of the Securities and Futures Commission, Ministry of Finance7.


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