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Polyline, line Symbol, null); // create a new graphic; set the Geometry and Symbol var line Graphic = new Esri. You can further define the symbol by specifying a color (for the fill) and an outline to display as the border (defined using a method. Although potentially consisting of individual parts (called allows you to display a graphic using one of a finite list of fill types (horizontal, vertical, cross, backward diagonal, forward diagonal, diagonal cross, null, or solid). Think of the state of Hawaii: it consists of several individual islands but is represented on a map as a single feature. Donut polygons can be used to represent an island, a lake, or perhaps an island that has a lake in the middle.


Width = 2; // use the Map View's Editor to get polyline geometry from the user var line = await My Map View.

Add(-291287, 7597942); // use a Polygon Builder to build the complex polygon var complex Polygon = new Esri.

Polygon(outside Coords); var polygon Bldr = new Esri.

Symbol = poly Symbol; // add the graphic to the graphics layer graphics Layer. Add(poly Graphic); You can use multipart polygons to represent, for example, a region that consists of a number of islands or lakes.

Outline = null; // create the rectangle outline var outside Coords = new Esri.

Add(-290012, 7598669); // create a hole in the rectangle var hole Coords = new Esri.


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