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It can be calculated in one of two ways: multiply high school grade point average by 800 and add it to the applicant’s ).Students can receive bonus points on their index for honors courses completed with a C or better.Degrees at the bachelor’s level can be received in such areas as accountancy, Asian American studies, deaf studies, engineering, humanities, information systems, nursing, physics, religious studies, theatre arts and urban studies and planning.Graduate programs are offered in 45 master’s level fields, including anthropology, business administration, counseling, engineering, environmental & occupational health, kinesiology, linguistics, physical therapy, recreation, and social work.Distance and continuing education programs are also offered at both the bachelor’s and master’s level.Some of the other unique opportunities available at California State University, Northridge include the Educational Opportunity Program ( Applicants to Northridge will qualify for admission provided they are a high school graduate, have completed the required high school curriculum with a C average or better, and meet the “eligibility index” requirement, a standard across all California State universities.The program revolves around research topics that student groups examine and then deliver presentations on.




Students enrolled in this program can complete upper division requirements within two years.Students’ efforts result in a BA in Pan-African Studies.



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