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and you won’t believe what she says about Rihanna tomorrow night in the Dec. We can’t yet say what it is, but we promise, it’s nasty!

And when we spoke to Natalie exclusively at a party for the cast, she fueled the flames around her and the “Umbrella” songstress by joking: “Who’s Rihanna?

If somebody put a gun to your head what would you do? ' Curran (above) claims that when she tried to leave the property, Brown's people would not let her take her phone with her unless she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

She did not sign it and left with her friend before calling 911 Earlier in the day a large group of friends, including both Brown and Kim Kardashian's infamous ex Ray J, were socializing at the property when another guest arrived with two women - one of them reportedly Curran.


She said: 'Do you all honestly think I wanted this, that I caused this?” Natalie admits she isn’t dating Chris, but she still has her opinions on him — and his ex-girlfriend.“I’m not dating Chris Brown,” Natalie told Hollywood I’ve known Chris since 2004 and we’re still friends.In any case, in her show bio Natalie says she "enjoys cruising in her sugar daddies' expensive cars and painting the town red with her cool celebrity friends." Apparently she also likes to paint the town red with Chris Brown.


October 2009 - October 2009Singer Chris Brown and reality star Natalie Nunn were rumored to be dating in October 2009, after pictures surfaced of them hanging out.“I think Rihanna’s feeling protective of him because she and Natalie have had a bumpy past.” PHOTOS: Actors Who Can Sing The pair are reportedly heading back to Tee-Jay’s native Barbados for Natalie to meet the rest of the family, a source told us.


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