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Upon his release, he is greeted by Natalie and their child.

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Learning of the impending legal action, and also because of the plan on aborting the baby, Ka Fu and Natalie, with the help of Bing and Sai, run away and make out a living for themselves in the countryside, where Sai used to live.

Ka Fu worked in various jobs such as construction to make money to support themselves while Natalie stays home.

Ka Fu took Natalie home, where they celebrated her 16th birthday, and Ka Fu spent the night there.

Another contrast is that Ka Fu has a loving relationship with his parents, but Natalie's relationship with her parents is distant as they are often away on business trips.

Ka Fu was also sentenced to 3 months in a rehabilitation center for his actions.The literal translation of, (早熟) is "early maturity" and the English title, 2 Young, is a pun on the words "too young".The controversial topic of a pre-marital pregnancy of a minor is what the plot of 2 Young is framed around.Because of Natalie's father, Ka Fu made the headlines, depicting him as a rapist that kidnapped Natalie. The young lovers are eventually discovered by Ka Fu's parents after they forced Bing and Sai to tell them.

When Natalie goes into early labor, they are forced to return to the city, where she gives birth to a baby boy (prematurely, although the baby survives) and Ka Fu is arrested.Despite her anxiety of this issue, she decides to go through with the pregnancy in complete support from Ka Fu, along with Bing and Sai.


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