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When depression is very severe some people can feel that life isn't worth living, they want to die.

When depression doesn't go away it is important to ask for help.

If you are depressed don't bottle it up - it is important you talk to someone - family, friend, teacher, youth leader, GP, organisation, helpline etc.

- anyone you feel you can trust If you don't share how you are feeling you may find yourself using unhealthy coping strategies which will in the long run only add to your problems and make you feel worse - some people may start drinking alcohol more, may take drugs, may start self harming and cutting themselves, may stop eating or binge eating and making themselves sick.

If you are a child or young person speak to your parents about how you are feeling.

If you find that counselling doesn't work for you then it would be an idea to see your GP and discuss with him other ways of helping you with your depression.Depression is very common and everyone feels fed up, sad, unhappy, miserable at times.


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