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The water is smooth and slick, featuring an Alkaline Ph of 9.Not to mention that all 6 pools flow-through in 4 hours!I was surprised to see people drinking alcohol in the pool.For some reason, I had thought this was not allowed here.There is however, plenty of great National Forest camping nearby, along with an assortment of hotels and motels in Donnelly, Cascade and Mc Call.Gold Fork feature 6 pools, with temperatures from hot to cool, with hydromassage.It's so great to see a hot springs in such good hands.


Apologies to the dude that 'swore' the 'lith' in the pool is what keeps bringing him back. The soak was sublime, and surrounding area and changing rooms clean.

The hot springs are well monitored, and disruptive soakers are politely asked to leave.

Although there are no overnight/camping accommodations on-site, the owners do have plans for a few rooms in the future.

One of the pools features a soft, white sand bottom with sand from Emmett, Idaho.

Changing rooms, towel and swimsuit rentals, restrooms, handicap parking and restrooms are also available. I have been way overdue for a visit to one of my favorite commercial hot springs, and Gold Fork did not fail to deliver.

I've qualified many hot springs, and Gold Fork is one of my favorite commercial soaks.


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