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I promise this will be a fun and entertaining evening and you will have fun!to @8minute I have been hosting 8minute Dating events for over 8 years and love meeting new people and creating a fun, safe and welcoming environment where singles have a chance to find love.to @I love helping people find dates in all locations!I have worked with 8Minute Dating in Tampa, Fl and Las Vegas, NV and now I am here in Atlanta to help people meet people.Their service comes with a money back guarantee that you will meet someone you want to see again or your entry fee for the next event is free.You will also receive a credit toward entree fees to subsequent events by referring friends who register using your affiliate link.I was an EO in Cincinnati, OH several years ago and loved every minute of it.


A: We don't check IDs at the event, but we do want our participants to be "age appropriate".8 Minute Dating is a speed dating service for singles.



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    By this morning, the number was approaching 60 and she removed the ad. with personal ads, they are probably just saying things she'd like to hear, then they hope to get some a** from her anyway. In the ad, she was adamant about not wanting a physical relationship, just someone to talk to and she didn't include a photo. It was a nice, polite ad and I hoped she'd get a couple of responses. In fact, she called me three hours later to tell me she'd gotten 23 responses!

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    We made our site easy to use, user-friendly, and packed with helpful features.

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